“The Mirror” of the Web or how the Internet sees you!

By September 25, 2012Internet Marketing

The National Media Museum of Bradford now offers Internet users the opportunity to create their digital portrait. This bluffing project called “The Mirror” demonstrates how a simple like can provide much information about the personality of Facebook users. It further demonstrates the strength of online Data and the omnipresent eye of Big Brother in our lives.

How does it work?

By simply scanning your data on Facebook or after answering a questionnaire, the machine starts and analyzes what you hear, read, enjoy, share and your interaction rate with your friends. Based on these parameters, you can get your psychological portrait in 5 personality traits: affirmation, creativity, independence, stability and openness.

According to a study, the results would be up to 80% accurate. Maybe this experiment will change your way of using the web. So try the Mirror and go check your true self now!

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